Want to Make Sure Your Congregation Carries Out Your Charism for Years to Come?

Co-creating long-term solutions for your members, properties, and resources.

We Are Committed to Helping You Find Innovative Solutions.


Create Comprehensive Healthcare Plans

Identify comprehensive and affordable wellness and healthcare options to meet your congregation’s needs.


Find Property Solutions

Discover long-term property solutions for your congregation.


Plan for Long-Term Transformation

Identify the big factors that will shape your congregation’s future for years to come.

We work with you to develop your initial plan, then stay with you the entire journey.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here. Instead, we come alongside you, intimately understand your needs, and co-create solutions that grow along with you.



Analyzing your situation



Engaging your members



Developing a strategy that meets your goals



Implementing and adjusting along the way

"With REALM’s support, encouragement, and fueled by the inspiration of their BOLD AWAKENING to be imaginative, fearless, courageous, creative, and daring, the MSJs’ campus has become a place of mission."

Sister Gloria Maria Jones, OP
Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose

Case Studies

Hear stories from congregations we've recently worked with

Are Your Congregation’s Assets Feeling More Like Burdens Some Days?

Do you feel like some of your buildings are under-utilized or not reaching their full potential? What if your congregation could have more money to put into nurturing your mission and ministry?

By having a strong plan in place that puts your mission first, you can avoid common struggles of aging congregations such as:

  • Impact of fewer members
  • Changing financial situation
  • Member fatigue

Yet when you partner with REALM Group, your congregation’s ministries and members are protected by unique-to-you solutions that focus on long-term sustainability.


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From our years of seniors housing experience to real estate management expertise, we put everything we have at your disposal to ensure your congregation can solve any problem you face.

This means you don’t just get our knowledge, but the invaluable network of connections we’ve built up over the years.

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