Our Team

Meet the REALM Group


Gwen Castillo PHR, ITIL

Project Manager

Gwen helps clients make important decisions by presenting viable scenarios based on intensive research.

Gwen values being able to work for clients who endeavor to make a positive impact in the world and on other people’s lives. At REALM, she uses her analytical, organizational, and management skills to provide unique solutions for men and women religious congregations.

What drives her to do her job every day is knowing that what she does contributes to making a difference in the lives of men’s and women’s religious congregations. Gwen is touched by how their mission and charism are translated in the way they live their lives, and she is honored to support them.

With over 20 years of experience in government, corporate, non-profit, and entrepreneurial settings, Gwen has gained a wealth of expertise and skills that she applies to her role every day. She loved being challenged by the diverse responsibilities and tasks her job entails, and using her innovative skills to find hidden solutions for REALM’s clients.

Gwen is mom to her three young children. She loves gardening, listening to podcasts, cooking healthy recipes, and traveling whenever she gets an opportunity. She’s a handy-woman at heart, and loves to tinker with furniture, plumbing, and other house projects.