Our Team

Meet the REALM Group

Robin H. Eggert

Robin H. Eggert MA, CMC

President and Founder

Robin brings her full self to her clients, understanding their identified and unarticulated needs.

Robin had no idea this was what she was meant to do. Through what she likes to call Divine Providence, in 1996, a colleague introduced her to a sister who was a planning consultant for religious congregations. She asked Robin to meet with a congregation she was working with. This congregation turned out to be Robin’s first women religious client.

Robin is a lifelong learner, and curious beyond doubt (ask her about the time she got bit by a rattlesnake, thanks to her curiosity!).

What she loves about REALM is that she constantly learns from clients, through their work together, and from her colleagues. She is energized by exploring unique possibilities for challenging scenarios, and speaking with her inspiring clients about their needs.

When she begins a project, Robin brings no preconceived notions about the solution. This enables her to relentlessly explore all possibilities and connections.

REALM Group is founded on the principles that Robin grew up with and embraces as an adult: curiosity, perseverance, excellence, integrity, vulnerability and honesty. Having lost 2 children and both of her parents, Robin has learned to find a way forward and looks towards the blessings in life’s darkest times, and this informs her work at REALM as well.

Aside from being President and Founder of REALM, Robin is also a wife, mother, and friend. She loves reading, but also being outdoors and doing anything active, especially tennis, running and biking.