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Stuart Skinner RN, MBA, NHA


Stuart supports REALM’s clients by creating all-encompassing and strategic solutions for sustainable, mission-centric futures.

In his capacity as Director at REALM, Stuart helps men and women religious congregations create comprehensive, mission-centric plans that meet their needs. Stuart also assists congregations in developing senior living solutions that optimize government and other third-party benefits while promoting member independence.

For Stuart, each day is guided by the three principles of faith, hope, and love. Each decision, big and small, long-range and short, is made by looking through the lens of his personal values — a trait he carries over to his professional life.

By truly listening and understanding their issues, Stuart is able to help REALM’s clients improve their organizational processes and enable mission-based consensus building. He works with congregations to understand their history, analyze their current realities, and plan for a sustainable future.

Creating community has been at the center of Stuart’s career for more than 30 years of service to non-profit organizations. Previously, Stuart was the CEO of Catholic Health Care Services (CHCS). Additionally, Stuart oversaw a nationally renowned, JCAHO-accredited psychiatric hospital, Saint John Vianney Center, specializing in the care of religious and clergy.

Stuart is married with five children and nine grandchildren. He enjoys biking and playing the guitar in his free time.