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Catholic Religious

Sister Bea Eichten photo

We are Better Together

Since being first elected to leadership at age thirty-two – and in every role she has taken on since – Sister Bea Eichten has always made her primary focus about the team, rather than herself….

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Sister Joella Kidwell photo

Leadership is a Gift

Most of us learn as young children how to follow directions. However, those who take initiative stand out from the crowd – not because it’s about doing what you’re told, but rather finding new ways…

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Sister Patricia Crowley photo

The Art of Leadership: Live, Love & Laugh Often

As Prioress of the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago, Sister Patricia Crowley, OSB has dedicated her life to leading, inspiring, and equipping others.  Her many years of work in the faith community has allowed people to…

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Sister Antonio Heaphy photo

Honoring the Leader in Everyone

When people are called into leadership, it is extremely important to understand what exactly it is that they are getting into. “Leadership is a privilege,” says Sister Antonio. “And we should challenge ourselves to always…

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Sister Carolyn Puccio photo

Don't Wait for Permission to Lead

When Sister Carolyn was in her thirties, she uncovered her kindergarten report card. She proudly read the handwritten note by her teacher: “Carolyn has strong leadership qualities” and quickly learned from her mother that it…

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