Our Team

Meet the REALM Group

Gwen Castillo

Project Manager, Research and Scenario Development

Gwen Castillo brings 20 years of unique leadership experience to our research and scenario thinking.

Her diverse skills enable her to create fluid project processes and procedures that can effectively and efficiently adapt to planning and project changes. Her expertise has given her the opportunity to support various Fortune 500 company executives, small businesses and nonprofits in sustainable growth.

Gwen conducts intensive research that enables our clients to make informed decisions regarding solutions for their sustainable future. Throughout the planning process, she continuously provides our clients with the qualitative and quantitative information they need to assess the human and financial impact, and interdependencies of their planning opportunities. Her dedication facilitates the best possible planning outcomes and client experiences.

Gwen is committed to her professional development, with a focus on honing her Project Management skills. She manages two of our largest events, the Vital Living Institute and Catholic Leaders Symposium, proving her versatility.

Gwen finds fulfillment in being a mom to her three young kids. In her spare time, she trains in Taekwondo to improve her physical fitness and mental focus, and is on the way to earning her black belt.