My Learning Journey

August 30, 2020 /

We are all pilgrims on a journey. In anticipation for my first Camino, I planned, trained, watched, read, listened, journaled, reflected, and lightened my pack. The Camino was calling me.

There are many parallels between my pilgrim journey and our clients’ planning journeys. Throughout the day, my eyes scanned the horizon for far-off possibilities. I worried if the path ahead would be well-marked or if I’d be so deep in my thoughts, I’d miss a sign. My mind speculated on the significance of my journey. Along the way, I left my worry stones and other burdens that no longer served me. Deep within me, I believed that beyond anything I could see, imagine, or comprehend, this sacred path would be worth the journey. I began my last day filled with emotion, earnestly greeting my fellow pilgrims, when I heard the bagpiper and the tears were streaming down my face, I didn’t want my journey to end.

The Camino taught me that the journey is the teacher of all worth knowing. All it required of me was to be true to the way. Buen Camino!

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