Who We Are

The REALM Group

Your Strategic Partners for Supporting the Logistical Parts of Your Congregation’s Journey.

The core of our team’s motivation is a desire to serve those with whom we partner.

We want to bring to life the positive change and thriving community that you desire. And to accomplish that, we fully commit ourselves to your planning and look for the same in return.

We act with total transparency and candor in laying out the facts of the challenges you’re facing—but will never waver in believing you’re capable of finding solutions.


A Wealth of Experience in Your Hands

Before narrowing our focus and dedicating ourselves entirely to helping Catholic organizations achieve their full potential, our team gained decades of experience working across the country in diverse sectors such as seniors’ housing, Catholic health care services, nonprofit, and real estate sectors.

This means we understand the complex and unique challenges surrounding religious organizations, real estate concerns, and people care—and have the resources to face them.

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Defined Only by Boundless Conviction

So long as you refuse to give up on yourselves, neither will we. We look further, dig deeper, and work harder until your goals are reached and the dreams you have for your congregation’s future are realized.

Long-Term Relationships Matter Most

We’re in it for the long haul. Our biggest hope is to see the new strategies we help you enact continue to shape your congregation and those you impact year after year. For us, change doesn’t matter unless it’s going to stick.

Empowered by a Dynamic Process

When we partner with you, we take everything that’s impacting you into account to craft unique solutions that are always adapting to your situation. You’re changing, and the way you are able to handle new challenges should change along with you. We help make that a reality.

We’re not just helping you build a new way of handling property, finances, or healthcare—we’re enabling a whole new legacy of which every member can be proud.