2021 – The Re-Evaluation of Everything

November 19, 2021 /

2021 is challenging a radical rethinking of everything – property, community life, connection, ministries, and supportive living. In our world, instability is coming from all directions. The pandemic and recent events have accelerated the need to address these issues. It’s not enough to keep doing things the same way. We must do better.

The Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary engaged REALM Group to challenge them to reevaluate what they valued, how they lived, ministered, and shared their sacred land. By thinking about their future at a different scale, they transformed their home, the greater community, and opened new ways of living, connecting, learning, and sharing.

“Even though it’s four months now, there’s still something new every day, which makes life very interesting.”
– Nancy McCarthy, BVM

Are you ready to examine how shifting realities, values, and an evolving relationship to place are creating opportunities to redefine what is meaningful and co-create your comprehensive plan needed to face this time of relentless instability, dynamic adaptation, and endless possibility?

REALM Group does more than anticipate change; we combine foresight and imagination to find opportunities where none existed before. Our focus is on leveraging this moment to transform your future. Click this link to contact us.

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