Passionate Perspectives

Sister Carolyn Puccio photo

Don't Wait for Permission to Lead

When Sister Carolyn was in her thirties, she uncovered her kindergarten report card. She proudly read the handwritten note by her teacher: “Carolyn has strong leadership qualities” and quickly learned from her mother that it…

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Sister Maureen Comer photo

Leadership Is Being & Doing

When Sister Maureen Comer, OP, transitioned into the CEO role at St. Rose de Lima Hospital in Henderson, Nevada, she was the youngest person on the management team. “I hadn’t really given any thought to…

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Chad Tuttle photo

Striking a Balance in Leadership

Have you ever tried to sit on a chair or stool that has one short leg or even a leg missing? It can be a balancing act to sit comfortably. If your life was a…

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Barbara McMullen photo

Let Go of the Trapeze and See Where God Takes You

Trust is the foundation of any successful business or personal relationship. It not only allows us to overcome fear and doubt, but ultimately brings peace of mind. When trust is present, a person feels a…

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Dave Gehm photo

Bringing Core Values to Life & Leadership

At 28, Dave Gehm had a successful career as a pharmacist. “I love to say that I had my first ‘mid-life crisis’ and kind of rethought my core values in life,” he says. For Gehm,…

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